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About AmorKado

January-March Celebrations

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January  - March

New Year's Day  

January 1

The first day of the year, celebrated globally with various traditions and festivities. It symbolizes new beginnings and fresh starts.

World Braille Day 

January 4

Commemorates the birthday of Louis Braille, the inventor of the Braille system for the visually impaired. It raises awareness about accessibility for blind and visually impaired individuals.


January 6

A Christian holiday marking the visit of the Magi (Three Wise Men) to the infant Jesus. It signifies the revelation of Jesus as the Son of God.

Civil Rights Day 

3rd Monday in January

Honors the civil rights movement and advocates for equality, justice, and human rights. It serves as a reminder of the ongoing struggle for social justice.

International Education Day 

January 24

Promotes education as a fundamental right for all. It emphasizes the importance of quality education in achieving sustainable development goals.

Valentine's Day 

February 14

Celebrates love and affection between partners, friends, and family. It's a day to express feelings and exchange tokens of love.

Singles Awareness Day 

February 15

A lighthearted day for single individuals to celebrate their independence and self-love.


Date varies

A festive season before Lent, marked by colorful parades, costumes, and revelry. It varies in timing and traditions across different cultures.

Employee Appreciation Day 

March 3

Recognizes the hard work and dedication of employees. Employers express gratitude and acknowledge their contributions.

International Women's Day 

March 8

Celebrates the achievements and contributions of women worldwide. It advocates for gender equality and women's rights.

St. Patrick's Day 

March 17

Honors the patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick. It's often celebrated with green attire, parades, and festivities.

World Poetry Day 

March 21

Celebrates the art of poetry and its impact on culture, expression, and creativity.

World Down Syndrome Day 

March 21

Promotes understanding and inclusion for individuals with Down syndrome. It aims to challenge stereotypes and promote acceptance.

World Water Day 

March 22

Focuses on water-related issues, access to clean water, and sustainable water management.

Earth Hour 

Last Saturday in March

Encourages people to switch off non-essential lights for one hour to conserve energy and raise awareness about climate change.

International Doctors' Day 

March 30

Recognizes the contributions of medical professionals and their dedication to patient care.