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Frequently Asked Questions
About AmorKado

AmorKado Workshop

AmorKado, your premier online gift shop situated in the heart of Malta

Crafting Memories with Personalised Tailor-Made Wooden Gifts for Every Celebration

AmorKado Workshop

AmorKado Handcrafted Gifts

At AmorKado, we take pride in our high-quality products, crafted with a blend of cutting-edge technology and traditional artistry. We employ the latest Computer Aided Design, laser cutting, and engraving technology, which when combined with our handcraft creativity, results in truly unique creations.

Our gifts are more than just products; they’re a symphony of materials. We primarily use high-quality softwoods, such as Birch wood or CNC Engineered wood, which form the foundation of most of our creations. This fusion of different materials not only introduces an interesting dimension to our gifts, but also enhances their unique appeal. 

With AmorKado, you’re not just purchasing a gift, you’re bringing home a piece of art that’s worth cherishing.


The Process Explained

Remember, every step in this process contributes to the creation of a truly unique piece—a gift that embodies thoughtfulness, craftsmanship, and love.

Wood Colour & Finishing

Wood, with its inherent natural beauty, varies in colour. The images showcased on our website are merely illustrative, providing a glimpse into how the final product might appear.

Certain items may exude a more appealing aesthetic when left unstained. In such cases, we can apply oil or varnish to protect the wood while preserving its natural colour. We also offer the option of different stain colours to cater to individual preferences.

To ensure longevity and resilience against the elements, our finishing process incorporates materials that offer resistance to UV rays and water splashes. This means your one-of-a-kind piece is not only visually stunning but also built to endure.