Turkey Gift Traditions

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Turkey Gift Traditions

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The Warmth of Sharing in Turkey

In Turkey, a land where East meets West, gift-giving is a heartfelt tradition that reflects the country's rich cultural heritage and the warmth of its people. It is an expression of hospitality, respect, and friendship. 

Historical Context

Gift-giving in Turkey has historical roots in the customs of the Ottoman Empire, where gifts were often exchanged to strengthen social ties and express loyalty. Today, these traditions continue to be an important part of Turkish culture, especially during religious holidays and special occasions.

Traditional Gifts

Traditional Turkish gifts are often items that reflect the country's artistic and culinary heritage. Popular gifts include Turkish delight, hand-painted ceramics, and textiles. The evil eye amulet, known as 'Nazar,' is also a common gift, believed to protect the bearer from bad luck.

Gift-Giving Etiquette

In Turkish culture, the etiquette of gift-giving emphasizes thoughtfulness and consideration. Gifts are typically offered and received with two hands as a sign of respect. It is customary not to open gifts in front of the giver, to avoid any appearance of greed or judgment.

Modern Practices

Modern gift-giving practices in Turkey blend traditional elements with contemporary influences. While classic gifts like Turkish delight remain popular, there is also a trend towards more modern and practical gifts, such as books, clothing, or technology.

Special Occasions

Gift-giving is particularly significant during religious holidays like Eid, where it is common to bring small gifts for children. Weddings, births, and housewarmings are also occasions where gifts are exchanged, often including gold or money as a symbol of good fortune.


The tradition of gift-giving in Turkey is a reflection of the nation's hospitable spirit and its value of kinship. Whether through a simple gesture or a grand offering, gifts in Turkey are a means of connecting hearts and celebrating life's moments together.